Love Jet ~ Project Levi Seacer Jr. Is Spear Heading Based In Marin


Marin!  ~ LOVE JET has made our lovely area their home base They rehearse here, and when they are not on the road they will be gigging around Marin.  They are here to take us on a musical ride.

Love Jet takes us on a musical journey,  featuring 3 different vocalist,  Funky, Bluesy, Pop, with  a strong band lead by Musical director Levi Seacer Jr. / formerly with Prince, on guitar & vocals. Featuring a local legend Derick Hughes  vocals /presently tours with  Roberta Flack; show casing Rusty Allen from Sly Stone band on bass,  sharing Morgan Day on guitar/ from The Purple Ones, keeping the beat strong Michael Seacer on drums, introducing Chris  Tabaro and Malina Wings  on vocals.

Love Jet easily keeps you and the dance floor, moving from classics like Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” Santana’s “Maria Maria”, to  Blues tunes like, “You got me running”, and a touch of Bob Marley ” I shot the Sheriff. Every tune is a surprise hit including the originals.

Love Jet highlights the show with original songs by Nathan Cowles, who is proving to be a writer that speaks with a touch of the hand.  Lead vocals moves from soul singer Derick Hughes brining the blues & R&B vibe, to the youngster of the band Chris Tabaro coming to us by way of  Canada with his unique sound, often singing in French, and Malina Wings joining us from Brazil adding that Latin soul.

Love Jet is a brilliant blend of old school seasoned musicians with young talented musicians with an international flavor, playing mixed up set lists of,   Funk & Blues, R&B Pop and some Jazz.  There is music for everyone.  You won’t be disappointed when you, Get on the Love Jet.


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Studio Joi ~ GIVING Back


To anyone that sees this post:

You may nominate 1 person that you feel NEEDS

Joi Love

Some pampering

Attention to their beauty & well-being

Studio Joi is Giving

1 of the following

Color tup

Hair Dusting

Custom Designed Natural Treatment & Style

From the nominee’s 3 will be chosen 1 each day 18-20 April


Response at the following link

With an email including nominee’s name and whatever you’d like to say about why you’ve chosen this person.

one love

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Can you put your love and care or inspiration and gifts into action through giving in some way?

Is there someone in particular you’ve been withholding love or giving from, or you could express more of your love to in some way? Or have you been shying away from life in general and not sharing your gifts, presence or love in some way? Have you been ‘too busy’ and not found the time for those people who matter to you? The greatest gift you have to give people is YOU! Are you giving you? Are you there for people?

There are many ways you can give and share. Do so in a way that brings you joy and does not feel like a sacrifice, as that is not what true giving is about.

What’s important here is that this giving is genuine and heartfelt. Not talking about martyr-hood or obligation here. I’m talking about sharing and expressing your love and care in a way that feels meaningful to you, which is a blessing to others, as well as yourself.

Giving when your heart isn’t in it, or giving-to-get (which isn’t giving at all), or giving out of a feeling of duty or obligation is also not authentic giving, and the person at the ‘receiving end’ won’t feel really like they’ve been given to, as what is received most is the energy and intention behind the giving. That’s why even the smallest act or gift can have the biggest impact if coming from a loving place.

Get in touch with the love and care you have for someone and act from this place.

Let your abundance shine by giving to others, not just in the tangible physical sense, but by giving of who you are and expressing your love, appreciation and gratitude to those around you. You can give in energy, in your thoughts, blessings and well-wishes too, and send love from a distance, silently even.

There are many ways you can give, and it’s certainly not money-bound.

You can give of your time, appreciation, care, well wishes, talent, prayers, nurturing, inspirations, attention, information, touch, wisdom, hope, support, thoughts, blessings, and so on. You may also want to give some of your income away, such as through tithing 10% to a charity each month if you feel financially comfortable to do so.

Give in a way that feels true to you.


Sourced from: Aine Belton

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“My work is collaborative”

 We talk about your life, your hair:  goals, fears and challenges, to better understand your current hair situation.  I listen and work WITH YOU.  A plan of action is developed to achieve the hair you want from where you are.

 “My specialty is to bring out Your Best Hair, using holistic hair care and the Perfect Shape for Your Hair”


I believe in the healing power of touch, and that it can bring about a positive shift in energy.  A Head Massage along with Herbal infusions is incorporated into my shampoo session.

This is a uncommon way to experience  hair care, using  enriched organic products, natural hair treatments and massage.

 At Studio Joi

the overall health & well-being, of you and your hair are the goal.

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Be Community

Bambo and many different plants together in the Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

Welcome beauty, health, music and dance, into your life!

 Open to the beauty of life, the beauty of YOU, the beauty in others and the world.

 Beauty is woven into your divine nature. Natures’ bathed in beauty and love.

 Beauty in it’s very nature is simple.  

At the deepest level, we are all connected by the universal vibration, by enjoying a wide variety of

great music and dance  you can uncover  this connection.

 Life can get stale and stagnant if you don’t give it room to breathe with occasional spontaneity.

Renew enthusiasm into your life!

Embrace the beauty of your community.

” I am because we are”. Ubuntu culture

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The Brain Loves Harmony


“Undeniably, there is a biology of music,” according to Harvard University Medical School neurobiologist Mark Jude Tramo. He sees it as beyond question that there is specialization within the brain for the processing of music. Music is a biological part of life as surely as it is an aesthetic part. Studies as far back as 1990 found that the brain responds to harmony. Using a PET scanner to monitor changes in neural activity, neuroscientists at McGill University discovered that the part of the brain activated by music is dependent on whether or not the music is pleasant or dissonant.

The brain grows in response to musical training in the way a muscle responds to exercise. Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston discovered that male musicians have larger brains than men who have not had extensive musical training. The cerebellums, that part of the brain containing 70% of the total brain’s neurons, were 5% larger in expert male musicians. Researchers have found evidence of the power of music to affect neural activity no matter where they looked in the brain, from primitive regions found in animals to more recently evolved areas thought to be strictly human such as the frontal lobes. Harmony, melody and rhythm invoke distinct patterns of brain activity.


Listen to Music, Develop More Neurons

Music, the universal language of mood, emotion and desire, connects with us through a wide variety of neural systems. Researchers have discovered evidence that music stimulates specific regions of the brain responsible for memory, language and motor control. They have located specific areas of mental activity linked to the emotional responses elicited by music. An outstanding discovery recently has shown that children listening to music have increased neural development. Neurons are the oldest and longest cells in the body. You have many of the same neurons for your whole life.

Although other cells die and are replaced, many neurons are never replaced when they die. In fact, you have fewer neurons when you are old compared to when you are young. However , data published in November 1998 show that in one area of the brain (the hippocampus), neurons can in fact grow in adult humans as well. The discovery that new neurons develop in children can also mean that they can develop in an adult. It would seem a reasonable assumption, although it is not yet clear empirically if this is the case, but those that cherish and love music will tell you anecdotal evidence that they feel they do have more brain power than before.


By  Paul Lenda

Re-arranged by Joi

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Sound is a Harmonic Healer


Wave forms and frequencies permeate everything from the smallest sub-atomic particles to the largest structures – through solid objects and energy fields – even our thoughts and emotions. When we are feeling good, all aspects of our being can be said to be in harmony. When we are experiencing discomfort on any level, or sickness occurs, the vibrations of certain sounds can help bring us back to a harmonic, healthy state.

Along with healing and transformation, making sounds through sacred instruments or our voices has been a joyful part of human life throughout human history. It is only recently that watching TV or listening to recordings has virtually replaced the pleasure of making sounds together. Modern science is proving how sound vibrations can improve health and enhance our lives. A research team in Sweden discovered the most effective way of clearing blocked sinus passages was humming! Some participants in these sound healing sessions have noted how relaxing and uplifting the experience is, while others find it has helped relieve pain, bring them to a more joyful state, and many other benefits.


The Awe  of Music

Music has also been shown to have the wonderful power to awe humans. Scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute, for instance, have found dramatic evidence on brain scans that the “chills,” or a visceral feeling of awe, that people report listening to their favorite music are real.

Music that a person likes – but not music that is disliked – activates both the higher, thinking centers in the brain’s cortex, and, perhaps more important, also the “ancient circuitry, the motivation and reward system,” said experimental psychologist Robert Zatorre, a member of the team.It’s this ancient part of the brain that, often through the neurotransmitter dopamine, also governs basic drives such as for food, water, and sex, suggesting the tantalizing idea that the brain may consider music on a par with these crucial drives.


Music as an Identifier of Emotions

In a study detailed in the European Journal of Neuroscience, an interdisciplinary Northwestern research team for the first time provides biological evidence that musical training enhances an individual’s ability to recognize emotion in sound, which is quite a useful skill in any facet of life. The study, funded by the National Science Foundation, found that the more years of musical experience musicians possessed and the earlier the age they began their music studies also increased their nervous systems’ abilities to process emotion in sound.

Previous research has indicated that musicians demonstrate greater sensitivity to the nuances of emotion in speech. In fact, recent studies indicated that musicians might even be able to sense emotion in sounds after hearing them for only 50 milliseconds.

By  Paul Lenda

Re-arranged by Joi


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Tune Yourself Back To The Perfect Vibrations


What are the Solfeggio frequencies?

Solfeggio frequencies make up the ancient 6-tone scale thought to have been used in sacred music, including the beautiful and well known Gregorian Chants. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony. Each Solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.

The main six Solfeggio frequencies are:

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear

417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships

741 Hz – Expression/Solutions

852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order


Where do these tones come from?

According to Professor Willi Apel, the origin of the ancient Solfeggio scale can be traced back to a Medieval hymn to John the Baptist. The hymn has this peculiarity that the first six lines of the music commenced respectively on the first six successive notes of the scale, and thus the first syllable of each line was sung to a note one degree higher that the first syllable of the line that preceded it. Because the music held mathematic resonance, the original frequencies were capable of spiritually inspiring mankind to be more “god-kind”.

The original Solfeggio scale was developed by a Benedictine monk, Guido d’Arezzo (c. 991 AD – c. 1050 AD). It was used by singers to learn chants and songs more easily. Today we know the Solfeggio scale as seven ascending notes assigned to the syllables Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti. The original scale was six ascending notes assigned to Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La. The syllables for the scale were taken from a hymn to St. John the Baptist, Ut Queant Laxis, written by Paulus Diaconus.


Your secret key to the Universe

Tune yourself back to the perfect vibrations

Nikola Tesla, the great genius and father of electromagnetic engineering, had once said, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would hold a key to the universe”. The 3, 6, and 9 are the fundamental root vibrations of the Solfeggio frequencies.

Albert Einstein stated: “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” All matter beings vibrate at specific rates and everything has its own melody. The musical nature of nuclear matter from atoms to galaxies is now finally being recognized by science.

That is why these frequencies are so powerful. They can literally bring you back to the original tones of the heavenly spheres and put your body into a balanced resonance. Solfeggio music is the key to the Universe. You can either throw it away or you can use it to find healing and harmony, health and well-being. Just play the music!



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Fire cider is a medicinal concoction that has been used for many generations to support healthy digestion, keep away seasonal infections, boost circulation and energy also it helps gets rid of sinus congestion.

It is essentially a collection of health-boosting herbs, vegetables and spices which are mixed together and soaked in vinegar over a period of time. The vinegar acts to draw out the active medicinal constituents of the plants. A variety of any mix of herbs, veggies and spices can be used. You can be creative as you or your taste buds like.

The result will be antibacterial and antiviral, helping to provide potent antioxidants and warming spices to support robust immunity and digestion

Ingredients In My Fire Cider

All ingredients are Fresh and Organic

Horseradish is known to be effective against the flu and common cold, tonsilitis, respiratory disorders, urinary tract infections, and pathenogenic fungus.

Ginger is used to treat arthritis, muscle pain, upset stomach (motion and morning sickness and general nausea), gas, upper respiratory tract infections, and cough.

Onions are used to boost cardiovascular health, bone and connective tissue benefits, and as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Garlic is used to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, heart attack, atherosclerosis, asthma, building the immune system, help level blood sugar, and is used topically to treat fungal infections.

Habanero peppers boost your metabolism, and offer sinus, headache, and arthritis relief as well as releasing endorphins.

Limes The nutritional benefits of limes do not differ very much from those of lemons. They are both excellent sources of vitamin C, B6, potassium, folate, flavonoids and the outstanding phytochemical, limonene.

Limonene have anti-cancer effects and help increase the level of enzymes that detoxify carcinogens.

Skin Care: Lime juice and its natural oils are very beneficial for skin when consumed orally or applied externally. It rejuvenates the skin, keeps it shining, protects it from infections and reduces body odor due to the presence of a large amount of vitamin-C and Flavonoids

Turmeric is pretty much the be-all and end-all of health foods. It’s known to delay liver damage, reduce carcinogenic compounds in other foods, make cancer cells more vulnerable to chemo and radiation, inhibit the growth of malignant melanoma and breast cancer, alleviate arthritis symptoms and skin conditions. Research says:

Advanced Experimental Medical Biology in 2007 states that, “Curcumin has been shown to exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and anticancer activities and thus has a potential against various malignant diseases, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic illnesses.”

Raw apple cider vinegar (not plain old cider vinegar!) is known to be a good source of acetic and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), mineral salts, amino acids, and other key components of good nutrition, but it is also a well-loved folk remedy thought to ease digestion, fight obesity and diabetes, wash toxins from the body, kill lice, and reverse aging.

Raw honey (locally produced) is a fantastic, all-natural fighter of seasonal allergies. Because bees collect pollen from flowers in your area and then convert it to honey to feed their hives, eating raw, local honey is like a tasty allergy shot. It’s also full of vitamins and minerals, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and makes a great, non-narcotic cough suppressant and throat soother.

I’ve started to drink a tablespoon (or more!) every morning to maintain health or after a large meal to help digestion. When you feel ill, take a slightly larger dose to help boost your immune system. Word has it on the street that it’s an extremely effective hangover cure.

10 Recurring Health Benefits

Supports immune function

Supports digestion due to:

natural enzymes contained in raw fruits, vegetables and ACV


Supports detoxification





Anti-cancer and chemo-protective

Supports and boosts brain health

Supplies key essential vitamins

A few suggestions for using Fire Cider

At the first sign of a cold: Take 1 or 2 tablespoons of fire cider right away, and continue using it every 3 to 4 hours until the symptoms start to improve.

You can also take a spoon or two daily as a preventative measure during the winter.

Mix with beverages: Add a little fiery flavor to your lemonade, orange juice or tea, or use it to add kick to a martini or Bloody Mary.

Add to cooking: Use some of your homemade fire cider in salad dressings (a personal favorite), homemade condiments and marinades. You can also mix it into sautéed vegetables, soups or chilis.

Fire Cider is one of my favorite health promoting dishes I’ve ever come across!

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