There is a rhythm and pace to life. If we push too hard against it with impatience, expectations and demands, it doesn’t serve us.

Yes, you create your reality, but there is a bigger picture, and there can be optimum times for certain events to occur, or a series of steps and inner changes that may be appropriate to occur first to facilitate a manifestation, which you may not be consciously aware of. These can help lay foundation, be it practically, mentally, emotionally, etc.

The moon waxes and wanes, night follows day, seasons change. Just as nature has a rhythm to it, so do you and your life. There are ebbs and flows of energy occurring in your being and life. There are optimum times to reap, plant and sow, etc. Obviously, choice is always yours for the taking, and life always yours for the making! This message is about the qualities of patience in that dance of creation.

Be sensitive to the flow of energy and times in your life, and patient where needed. Baby steps can lead to monumental change. Rushing isn’t always productive. In fact, time often slows down when you do!

Keep momentum, but allow life to have cadence, allow yourself to pause, give yourself permission to rest and recharge when necessary, to reflect, pause and ponder, and spur forward when you feel called, etc.

Listen to your heart and your body regarding when to act and when not to, and be patient with the movement of events in your life. Do your bit physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (desire, dream, open to inspiration, believe, act, open to receive, etc.), and trust things are turning in your favour as you move towards your visions and goals. Don’t try to force or control things, be positive and expectant, but relaxed, open, trusting and patient.

Take having a conversation with someone, as an example. There are times to listen, and times to speak. There are times to pause. There are magic moments when eyes meet and feelings flicker and speak beyond words. There is a movement, a dance. Just as you pay attention in conversation and are sensitive and patient with this flow of movement, be so in all areas of your life. Listen to your intuition and what your expanded wise self wants to share about the movement, changes, initiations and instigations in your life.

Being patient is about changing gears when and where necessary, and allowing life to move in accordance and harmony with divine will; to weave your life co-creatively with the universe.

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Gratitude feeds on itself

A Simple Secret To A Better Life ~ Gratitude

multi-color-spiralDespite circumstances around you, make sure you shower yourself with loving thoughts and deep gratitude for the blessings you currently have. Even simple physical things you may take for grated, such as reading this report, require intelligence and competence. Acknowledge yourself for simple pleasures and build from here.


When you write things down you anchor them. State what you are grateful for in a positive way. Because your subconscious mind operates in the present, it lives as though your thoughts are real.


To make this process most effective choose something from each area of your life:


  1. Your everyday relationships with others.
  2. Something that drives you and makes you who you are.
  3. Something that you feel excited about emotionally.
  4. Something about your health or body you appreciate.
  5. Then choose at least one more appreciation.


By using this addition to the practice of gratitude, you amplify its effect.


Read your statements of gratitude aloud to make certain that you hear what you wrote and so your subconscious mind receives your words as though you are hearing them from another person.


“Seed” your life with what you imagine and dream. Watch it build and happen. Gratitude feeds on itself.

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Rick Stevens ~ LOVE POWER


RICK STEVENS, former Tower of Power lead singer, is back on the streets again and this time, with his own band, LOVE POWER! The name of the group was inspired by the scripture from 1 John 4:8, “God is Love.” The name, “Power” derives from the group’s name.

Rick joined the group Tower of Power in 1969, which was the beginning of his impressive musical career with the band that continues to entertain audiences to this day. From the first album, EAST BAY GREASE that was recorded on the Fillmore/San Francisco record label, Mr. Stevens sang the diamond hit, “Sparkling in the Sand”. The next song to hit the charts was from the Warner Bros label on the BUMP CITY album which featured his signature song, “You’re Still a Young Man”. The album remains today to be a fan favorite and crowd pleaser featuring other hits, such as, “Down to the Night Club” and “You Got to Funkafize”.

Rick helped record the final album entitled, TOWER OF POWER, which featured several hits such as, “What is Hip”, “Soul Vaccination”, and “Get Your Feet Back on the Ground”, not forgetting, “So Very Hard to Go” eventually sang by the great, Lenny Williams whom Rick befriended and introduced to the Tower, which eventually joined the band. Rick’s latest endeavor is a CD entitled, RICK STEVENS BACK ON THE STREETS AGAIN Vol. 1, is available at his shows and at his special guest appearances throughout the bay area. Vol. 2 will be recorded in the near future, so stay tuned, it promises to be a gem!
RICK STEVENS & LOVE POWER is a Bay Area 10-piece “R&B, SOUL, and FUNK” band that consists of splendid guitarist, Ian Lamson, and Gabriel Del Rosario. The group’s drummer, Amado Tuazon and keyboardist Ace Olfré, contribute to the dynamic sounds of this remarkable rhythm section. The brass section consists of trumpet players Ken Landreth and Daniel Owens, with Victor Castro, trombonist, who share their sophistication and style with the band’s reeds, the saxophone ensemble, Tony Abena, and Manny Melchor.

The combination of talent and soul within LOVE POWER, enhance the band’s unwavering dedication and aptitude that have helped to define the landscape for RICK STEVENS & LOVE POWER. The band has built its reputation around “souled-out” shows that connects the power of vocals, rhythm, and horns in a funky party-like atmosphere. Brace yourselves folks, these musicians have solidified themselves amongst the proud distinguished “soul” band elite.


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Salsa Sundays at Sausalito Seahore

Filming this video was truly a labor of love for you readers, it was all I could do to say still and film ( well kinda still, lol ). The horns section, What! The vocals, percussions, keys all bringing it!  The energy is high and happy, a very diverse crowd of Salsa dancers,  wanta to be dancers, chair dancers all groovin together.  Such a Good Time!  Every Sunday there is LIVE Salsa music at the Seahorse,  there is food, (the owner is a awesome pastry chief ), easy parking, 10 cover, and all the bands are noteworthy. It’s and early night out 5-9p kids can come in to dine and enjoy some dancing too.




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The Maestro ~ Ricardo Scales

“They Are Saying He Is the Best There Is



“The black Liberace,” Ricardo Scales’ nickname, only tells part of the pianist’s story. Like the real Liberace, he wears flashy attire on-stage when he launches into a set that showcases his incredible versatility. What the nickname doesn’t tell you is that the pianist has a determination as tough as steel, and he needed every ounce of it to ever make it to the stage in the first place. Everything from his performance to his flash makes Scales’ piano playing look fun and easy. And if you believed that, you’d be missing an inspiring story.



Although he plays like a master now, it wasn’t always so. When Scales was 19 years old, an accident paralyzed his left hand. Severed cords left three fingers curling into his palm. The medical community, including physical therapists and physicians, told him that his dream of being a pianist, and the future he had worked and studied for from the age of five, were no longer possible. In fact, they all said he would never again be able to play the instrument. Unable to accept their prognosis, Scales devised his own therapy. He painstakingly used his right hand to re-teach his left hand to work the piano keys, concentrating on regaining dexterity and motion. At one point, with only partial success, he took work playing the piano for San Francisco State University’s department of dance. The injury still plagued his ability to some degree, and class instructors informed him he would make better use of his time and abilities if he found a job as a house painter. Spurred on even more by the insult, Scales redoubled his self-devised therapy sessions. Eventually the pain and sweat paid off. Scales regained the use of his left hand, so much so that it is equal in strength and function to his right hand. He went on to release five CDs, including Straight From the Heart in 2001. For 14 years beginning in 1982, he performed in San Francisco’s Clift Hotel, in the Redwood Room. He schooled himself in a variety of genres and now excels in jazz as well as classical, in gospel as well as R&B and funk.



Scales was a musically gifted child. His mother, Patience Scales, was a music teacher. When she saw her son’s gift for music, shIMG_2103e began imparting an education in music theory. She also found a miniature piano that was just the right size for her child. When he was seven years old, Scales appeared in a recital for the first time. He studied at his mother’s establishment, the Parade of Youth Music School. Two years later, he began receiving instruction from Sir Jules Haywood. His performance during a recital when he was 11 caught the ear of San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s founder, Lillian Hargehead. Scales studied with her and went on to win a San Francisco Conservatory of Music scholarship. At the school, he became a student of Beulah Forbes and Beatrice Beauregard. He also took part in workshops given by Milt Jackson, Herbie Hancock, and Bill Evans.


Ricardo Scales, Joi Gayles, Andrea Powers, Ann Richard SchndilerView of San Francisco from Mark Hopkins Hotel


Presently Ricardo plays at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco on Wednesdays @ 6:30p. An elegant evening, exceptional music, awesome views of the city and tasty tapas. Inviting hard wood floors to dance on while taking in the beautiful San Francisco Bay scenery.  A highlight for tourist and for locals stepping out. The Mark Hopkins Hotel “Top of The Mark” was home to The NBC Peacock, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and now Ricardo Scales for 18 years…


view of San Francisco from Mark Hopkins Hotel

Mark Hopkins Hotel San Francisco, Ricardo Scales plays WeeklySF-=view











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Massage Therapist Learns From Karate

Cliff Wong, CMTimage Cliff Wong, CMT

Cliff Wong has been a massage therapist for over 35 years. His original intent in studying bodywork was to improve his karate skills. If muscular skeletal restrictions (limited range of motion, trigger points and knots, body misalignment, and pain) were minimized or eliminated, then karate techniques would be much more efficient and powerful. He soon realized that this same philosophy could be applied to bodywork, and that by restoring a client’s equilibrium, the body has the ability to heal itself! Cliff is dedicated to seeing his clients improve through treatment. His favorite question is “Are you getting better?” and he is delighted when his clients no longer need his services!


Cliff’s bodywork expertise includes: the Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities of cupping (vacuum and fire) and Gua Sha (scraping), clinical, deep tissue and sports massage, and trigger point and myofascial release. He successfully treats a variety of muscular skeletal injuries, including: repetitive motion, carpal tunnel, lower back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, and tension headaches. Computer related injuries is his specialty.

massage bodywork

Cliff received his massage certification at the American Institute of Massage Therapy (Newport Beach) with Dr. Myk Hungerford, the “Mother of American Sports Massage” and author of “Beyond Sports Medicine.” He also trained with Dr. Yuanchun Jane Huang, the leading doctor for the Chinese Track and Olympic Team. He is an active member of the ABMP Massage Association.


Cliff currently works at BlueWave Medicine in Palo Alto, Medi Points Acupunture Clinic in Menlo Park and Redwood City. Now Cliff is taking appointments Sunday’s at Studio Joi in Mill Valley. In his spare time, he can be found relaxing in the karate studio!


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Love, Melody ~ Spotlight from Levi Strauss

Meet Melody Sabatasso—better known in design circles as Love, Melody. As a designer, she used Levi’s® jeans to transform her work—and her life.

In the 1970s, Melody was a budding fashion designer living out of the back of her Marin County boutique. She lived in her Levi’s® jeans, so when she needed something to wear to a wedding, she had to get creative. Melody decided to take apart a pair of her Levi’s® jeans and reconstructed the denim pieces into a patchwork dress. Her ensemble was a hit at the wedding and she began getting requests for similar outfits for her friends.

Melody’s rise to fame happened by chance when her customized Levi’s® dress was spotted by none other than Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall. Lauren had to have one. Melody was a little surprised when she got the phone call from Ms. Bacall, who arranged for a private fitting to take place in her room at the Huntington Hotel in San Francisco. Melody didn’t have a car, so she hitchhiked with all her sewing tools and fabrics. Once completed, she signed her name in red on the inside: “Love, Melody.”


That chance meeting with Ms. Bacall led to a couture career. Melody has designed customized Levi’s® outfits for celebrities from Cher to Elvis, and has been featured in publications like Rolling Stone Magazine.

Sourcing Levi’s® jeans to make her designs was an initial challenge. “It takes nine pairs of jeans to make one pair of my customized creations,” Melody said. She ultimately found a unique source for her Levi’s®—San Quentin prison. Melody sorted through truckloads of jeans that arrived, pulling out only Levi’s® to create her recycled denim clothing. “Levi’s® jeans were the best denim around,” Melody said.


She continued to make her denim patchwork pieces, adding rhinestones with shapely silhouettes. Melody even sourced the same cotton thread that Levi Strauss & Co. used at the Valencia Street factory to match the seams.

Today, Melody is still designing, creating, and transforming Levi’s® jeans in the Bay Area. Her iconic customized Levi’s® denim bikini, created in 1973, is one of the newest additions to the Levi Strauss & Co. Archives.

Perfect for summer, here’s a look at our Love, Melody addition.



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Gathering Thyme

herbs-gathering thmeI recently visited this wonderful store downtown San Rafael. Has soon as you enter the door you feel fresh, healing vibes that are inspiring gifts from Mother Earth. I did not know where to start, so I started at the door and worked my way around the store being intrigued and dazzled at each glance. There were fresh bulk herbs, clays, salts, honey, crystals, baskets, botanical products gifts, books, A fabulous mix of  retail products and education.  Wow, I can’t wait to go back and truly spend some time and money. I will be Spot-lighting certain products and classes etc in the coming weeks….stay tuned.  Kudos to the owners.

Herb Store
As a women-owned, local independent herb store, Gathering Thyme utilizes botanical wisdom to support community health in an atmosphere that is relaxed and beautiful. Our staff of experienced Western herbalists and clinical nutritionists is always available to help you find the best herbal and natural remedies for your healthcare needs.

We offer an extensive in-house herbal apothecary and specialize in providing custom herbal formulations for our customers and clients including custom-blended teas, herbal oils and salves, and aromatic hydrosols made in our copper still. We offer only the highest quality organic or ethically-wildcrafted botanicals and partner with local growers and small herb farms to grow many of our herbs.

In addition to our herbal apothecary, Gathering Thyme also provides professional-grade nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, essential oils, organic body care products and so much more, all with a focus on supporting local small businesses.


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