You Must Be Accommodating So that He’ll Think Your Easy Going and Fun…

But that doesn’t work because it actually trains him to think you’re willing to do whatever he wants. And what makes this so bad is that he’ll just assume all you care about is his needs, his happiness with nothing left for you.

Kind of like you’re his mother… doting on him… caring only about his needs… with your sole purpose focused on making sure he’s happy.



You’ve Been Told to Never Get Angry with a Man Because it’s Such a Turn Off….

But the truth is that never getting angry with a man actually makes him get bored with you. The reason is this: Men live by this motto –

“If you can’t handle me when I’m rude or disrespectful, then you’re too weak for me to ever trust you when I’m scared.”

And the Worst Thing You’ve Been Told:The More You Give to a Man the Deeper He’ll Love You.


I’m sorry to tell you but doing that will only lead to my deepest fear for you…
that he’ll take you for granted by:

  • Only calling you when he’s in the mood.
  • Having his desire for you go hot and cold, for no apparent reason.
  • Expecting you to be positive and upbeat…all the time.

Sourced from Bob Grant

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Be Community

Bambo and many different plants together in the Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

Welcome beauty, health, music and dance, into your life!

 Open to the beauty of life, the beauty of YOU, the beauty in others and the world.

 Beauty is woven into your divine nature. Natures’ bathed in beauty and love.

 Beauty in it’s very nature is simple.  

At the deepest level, we are all connected by the universal vibration, by enjoying a wide variety of

great music and dance  you can uncover  this connection.

 Life can get stale and stagnant if you don’t give it room to breathe with occasional spontaneity.

Renew enthusiasm into your life!

Embrace the beauty of your community.

” I am because we are”. Ubuntu culture

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9 African Kings and Queens Whose Stories NEED be Told


They lived and died to give us a better platform to speak about our oppression (our Holocaust) as well as our victories. They are best honored by continuing the spirit of their mission: Orphan quotes; and an X on a cap is not how serious people honor their ancestors. Not being critical of their shortcomings is also not how a progressive people honor their ancestors. We must therefore build upon their legacy to bring about a new African future.  Consciousness demands that we reflect on their contributions but studying them with these factors in mind.

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The Eclipses Aren’t Happening to You—You Are Happening to the Eclipses

Lunar EclipseThe Lunar Eclipse on September 16 at 24° Virgo/Pisces: Your Mind Is Not a Camera; It’s a Projector
Eclipses are a dramatic display of light and dark when the two Lights—our Sun and Moon—occult the Earth and each other.
Eclipses are a door between the material and subtle worlds—our environment includes far more than we consciously perceive, including gravity waves, light frequencies, ionic ratios and mineralogical vibrations of the planet. Our physical bodies have cellular biological consciousness, so hormonal and bio-chemical balances are directly affected by the light format and matrix of the planet
Eclipses have an impact because they project differentiated light, alter gravity and are coded with conscious life force.
Eclipse events can seem karmic or predestined
You have a distinct sense of sudden transition. You move from one space of life into another.
A release as well as a re-calibration can take place.woman-cosmos
These eclipses coming in the 9th month of the “9” year are going to bring intense physical clearing as the evolutionary burn and RESET spirals into the Zero Zone from the 9 into the 0: 2016 into 2017.
This is where your practical mastery meets magic in the physical world and it is seeding an obvious deepening in your body and life, an unprecedented grounding as the light of your soul enters places never before illuminated. This late 2016 Zero Zone portal is being called the Separation of Worlds & Timelines.
Virgo marks the end of a cycle of purely personal development; it engages the lower bodies physical, emotional and mental in a process of self-transformation—the evolutionary RESET. The task of the Virgo /Pisces polarity is to build neural bridges between the left and right brain; between deep space (Pisces) and visual space (Virgo); between an intuitive and rational approach to life. Until 28 April 2017 your mission statement will play out along the Virgo/Pisces axis. Whichever part of your life Virgo /Pisces represents in your chart and psyche is the receiving stations for earthing the new frequencies.
Full Moon eclipses symbolize the past and the present, sliding through one another and the disappearance of something in form and matter. Its time is over. Having fulfilled its destiny, it’s no longer needed in your life. Previous identities, roles, labels and past creations, are left in your dustbin of personal history. This affects you emotionally as you become aware of the passage of time as memories and dreams come up to the surface.
Face with key
“We are designed to live from the infinite creative potential, not the history of our past Creations” ~Michael Neill, Inside Out
As you progressively change your belief system;
Be kind to yourself: be discerning, patient and tender towards your growing edge. The past is withdrawing from us and we are in the process of disabling the past.
If you’re feeling—as so many of us sensitives are—down, depleted, drained, alone or in a void like floating on the Dead Sea, understand that you are not fading, falling or failing but energetically detaching from the ending of many planetary cycles. Detaching so you can witness the withdrawal of many of your previous creations—roles, labels, careers, alliances.
Instead of focusing on what isn’t happening or what you’re not doing, allow yourself as much rest, withdrawal and non-doing as you can as the physical and psychic cleansing builds. Your body is a messenger with feedback about your current operating system.
Be present in your body and allow outworn gestalts, debris, illusions, attachments and patterns to dissolve while absorbing the incoming deep space energies at cellular level.
You are still in transition to a new elevated creation cycle that will see you move from seeking all lost parts of yourself to creating the highest expression of your Self in form.
You are learning that the more you become true to your Self and the more you withdraw your energy from anything external that leads to soul defragmentation, the more energy you have available to self-sustain, self-generate, self-realize.flower-of-life-5
Through the next few months, as we continue to embody more of our transpersonal Self in human form, many of us are/will be up-leveling, uprooting and expanding into more meta-level, yet earth-focused service.
Frame it as Waking Up by Waking Down—finding your creative freedom, financial independence and self-sustainability in the midst of global collapse. To be an advocate for anything in the physical world, you must have a presence, a strong physicality and be willing to attract attention. Gone are the days of being invisible, hiding out behind the scenes.
written by
Daykeeper Journal
astrology, consciousness and transformation
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What Do YOU Want ?

What do you want?

What is it you really want? Do you know? Are you clearer in some areas than others? Is there an area of your life that feels foggy that it may help to get clearer on what your HEART truly desires?


big heart reef

One way to invite more of what you love into your life is to get clear about what you love, what brings you happiness and joy, whether it be in the area of relationships, career, fun, etc., and whether they are experiences of being, doing or having (being more at peace/centred/joyous/adventurous, doing more exercise/giving/laughing, having greater wealth/a new home/more holidays, etc).

When you are clear about what you want it is easier to put your focus towards that end, and direct your thoughts and imagination into the manifestation of those realities, as well as take practical steps towards them.

Get in touch with what your heart really wants, your deepest wishes, passions and joys.

Getting clear on what you want will also shift your orientation and focus away from what you don’t want.

Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” ~Henry Ford

Have you been focusing on your past, on pain, negative situations, doubts, fears, and so on, rather than bright futures? I’m not suggesting denying certain thoughts and feelings (you may want to acknowledge them to process and release where necessary), but the message here is to shift your attention towards the positive and align to the bright futures to assist in drawing them into your reality now.

Shift your focus from fears and problems to solutions and desired outcomes.

It is sometimes possible that you have a split mind about what you want, where consciously you want one thing, yet unconsciously there may be a hidden agenda, resistances, unconscious motives or limiting beliefs that run counter to those outcomes. Becoming conscious of these can help, as what you recognize and acknowledge you can do something about, resolve, let go, integrate, change, move beyond, etc.


Do more of what you love, today and everyday!Music_rain dance

Are you allowing yourself to dream and get in touch with what would make your heart sing and bring utmost joy in all areas of your life?

Pick an area of your life you’re wanting to enhance, whether it’s social, romantic, career or health, and write down what it is you really want, what you wish to be experiencing, how you wish to be feeling, what you wish to be doing, being and having.

You can even discover some wants by looking at what you don’t like in your life and deciding what you would like instead “xyz” that is currently the case in your reality.

What do you really LOVE? What makes you come alive and lights up your soul? What are your gifts, talents, passions and joys?


After writing down what your wants, write down why that want is important to you. This can be revealing. Perhaps it’s more freedom that you’re seeking, and that’s why you want a change in your career, for example, or greater love, fulfilment, peace, expression, creativity, acknowledgement, etc.

You can, of course, turn your wants into goals. Either way, writing down your desires in itself asserts your wishes to the universe and clarifies them for you also. Get in touch with your deepest wishes, be intimate and open with yourself, and announce them in writing. This can help you unearth them and from there on, focus and work towards them.

You can get more specific with goals-setting, time-lines, action steps, etc., if this is something that resonates, but start by getting in touch with what your heart really desires so the universe can assist you more, and YOU can assist you more, in manifesting them. Doing so will give you greater clarity and direction so you can take more solid steps, and ignite momentum and enthusiasm.

Just how good could life get? Dare to imagine!DSCN6225

written by Aine Belton

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Trust ~ What does it mean?


Trust is a generating energy and puts the power of your mind towards positive outcomes.


Not naivety or trusting where it’s inappropriate.

Here are some examples of the trust being referred too:


Rain Forest in Puerto Rico
Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

Trust in yourself.

Trust in the love the universe has for you.

Trust in the power of your heart’s desires and your intentions.

Trust in your love, goodness and capabilities.

Trust in your power as a creator.

Trust in the positive outcome of your goal.

Trust in the healing power of love.

Trust that you are on a co-creative journey, that there is a bigger picture, and that there is love, help and guidance available to you in every moment.

Trust that the universe wants you to have what you desire as much as you do.

Trust that you are loved more than you know, more than you will ever know!


Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can have what you desire with belief, intention, positive expectation, and a willingness to receive.


Trust brings with it a greater sense of ease, faith and confidence, and lessens your desire to control or have things be a certain way, allowing life to manifest in a way that most serves you.

Tunnel Marin Headlands
Tunnel Marin Headlands

If there is an area of your life you are fearful or doubtful around, lean into trust, get a sense of it, embrace it, let it embrace and carry you.

You deserve the best, ever and always, whether you realise that or not. The universe wants the best for you in every moment. You are the only one who can stand in your way.

Be kind and loving to yourself, and let the winds of trust take you to beautiful realities and desired outcomes.

Trust the turning of the tide. Have faith and hope in your heart. Hold bright visions of the future you desire to create, make positive choices for yourself and commit to those through action.

Release your dreams and visions into the world. Trust, believe, open to receive and expect their materialization in your world in the highest and best way for you!

written by Aine Belton

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