Simple Recipes For Getting Turmeric Into Your Life

Golden Milk

1 cup almond or mix of milks like walnut, goats milk, rice milk.  I mix 3/4 almond that I make (easy, will give recipe in another post) with 1/4 Goats milk ( awesome benefits, also will talk about this in another post).

1 tsp Turmeric powder organic

3/4 tsp Ginger powder organic

pinch of black powder

1 tsp coconut oil

Honey or Agave to taste

Heat the above and drink yourself a cup of goodness.


Strawberry Salad Dressing

Strawberries fresh or frozen handful

Fresh Basil, Parsley and Cilantro ( or any combination of them) and fresh Garlic

EVOO, Balsamic vinger, lime or lemon juice

Turmeric 1 tsp organic, salt & pepper to taste

I add this altogether in bullet single serving cup and blend. So delicious fab on salads and some veggies.


Turmeric Spritzer

Sparkling Lime Water 8oz

Turmeric powder 1 tsp organic ( you can start with less and build up )

Agave to taste

This drink quenches your thirst and is quite refreshing on top of all the health benefits of Turmeric.


powdered Turmeric image

 WHY I am such a BIG Turmeric believer

I’ve been a hairdresser close to 40 years (OMG, writing that makes me seem old, however I don’t feel it) and just to mention I still Love Hair!        However it comes with it own set of challenges from all the standing, repetitious movements and physicality for all those years.  Many of those years pain was a constant and could get quite severe.  Motrin and muscle relaxers became my side kicks, it was nothing to pop an 800 Motrin and a muscle relaxer to end my day so that I could sleep without pain. After years of this my stomach began to revolt, enough is enough. Though compared to some of my fellow hairdressers, contractors, painters and carpenters,  I was not that bad because I had not gotten into  Vicodin, Norco or a host of other Narcotics, thankfully.

I was given a gift, Turmeric with it’s wonderful benefits of addressing  inflammation  and healing.  Once I started being consistent getting Turmeric everyday some kind of way I began to have less need for my friends of many years ( Motrin and muscle relaxers).  Then I started beginning my day and ending my day with Turmeric and I have NOT had a Motrin or muscle relaxers in over 4 months! WooHoo!  Free at last.

Now I am not perfect so I miss sometimes and if I miss two many times I can tell.  But over all if you stay on the path and Keep Turmeric close you’ll get tremendous benefits, truth. Be creative add it into your spices, add it to eggs, potatoes, stir fry’s  start with alittle and work your way up just stay consistent. Good luck and cheers to less pain.

one love, joi