You Must Be Accommodating So that He’ll Think Your Easy Going and Fun…

But that doesn’t work because it actually trains him to think you’re willing to do whatever he wants. And what makes this so bad is that he’ll just assume all you care about is his needs, his happiness with nothing left for you.

Kind of like you’re his mother… doting on him… caring only about his needs… with your sole purpose focused on making sure he’s happy.



You’ve Been Told to Never Get Angry with a Man Because it’s Such a Turn Off….

But the truth is that never getting angry with a man actually makes him get bored with you. The reason is this: Men live by this motto –

“If you can’t handle me when I’m rude or disrespectful, then you’re too weak for me to ever trust you when I’m scared.”

And the Worst Thing You’ve Been Told:The More You Give to a Man the Deeper He’ll Love You.


I’m sorry to tell you but doing that will only lead to my deepest fear for you…
that he’ll take you for granted by:

  • Only calling you when he’s in the mood.
  • Having his desire for you go hot and cold, for no apparent reason.
  • Expecting you to be positive and upbeat…all the time.

Sourced from Bob Grant