Are you seeking a deeper connection with your partner — one based on true, heartfelt intimacy?

Do you struggle to create a relationship that honors ALL of who you both are, even the most intimate,

vulnerable dimensions of yourselves?

Or, are you single and looking for soulful, lasting love, yet constantly confronted with dehumanizing

dating websites and disheartened by cultural conditioning that makes you feel you’re not young, thin,

sexy or confident enough to find it?

If you relate to either of the above, you’re not alone.

So much of the advice we’re given about romantic love boils down to gimmicks and games. Finding and

cultivating true love is one of the greatest missions of our lives — but for so many of us, lasting, soul-filling

love can feel almost impossible to attain.

Why is that so?

Ken Page, LCSW, acclaimed author of the bestselling book, Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of

Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy, has a game-changing answer:

You’ve been handed the wrong map to love!

The true key to finding (and deepening) soulmate love has almost nothing to do with your looks, age or level

of success. Nor is it about becoming “irresistible,” learning the skills of seduction, or repairing your flaws in

order to become more attractive to your mate.

Finding (and deepening) soulmate love comes from discovering and

celebrating your most authentic self .

You can find your authentic self in the places where life touches you most deeply — whether in joy or in pain.

You are as unique as your fingerprints. And they come from the most surprising place of all — your


When you embrace your authenticity you’re connected to the very source of love within yourself,

because your authenticity is one of the deepest, most defining part of your being. When you discover  and

learn to honor your unique magic, your life will begin to transform.

You’ll come to understand your romantic history in an entirely new way, and you’ll see how these new insights

can lead you to the kind of love you’ve been seeking. This new perspective is  not  just the path to romantic

happiness, it’s the path to a life that’s rich with love in all its manifestations — including self-love.

In relationship, when we try to hide these pieces of ourselves, passion diminishes —

our love loses its genius and magic.

Yet, as we begin to embrace our  true selves and teach our partner the language of our truths, we become more

spontaneous, affectionate and alive! AND we start to recognize and discover  our partner ‘s truths as well —

and can more readily appreciate them and express this.

When you can embrace these sacred, but often challenging

parts of yourself, your romantic life begins to change in ways you

can’t even imagine.