Find The Blessings

“Be curious about why you meet/bump into/encounter someone at the time/period you do, and what exchange of gifts/meaning/messages come through.”
Everyone you meet, every encounter, can have meaning and significance and exchanges on many levels. Each can bring gifts into your life, sometimes more obvious, sometimes more disguised. Those gifts may be a quality or energy, an opportunity, lesson, insight, understanding, and so on.

Challenging encounters can help you learn more about yourself, as well as how to forgive, have compassion, discover shadows, love yourself more, strengthen boundaries, realize what you do and don’t want, and so on.

Find the ‘blessings’ in the people you meet, and be open and grateful for any gifts that come with them, weather received or given. You only need to look & listen, ‘blessings’ are Always around.


Sourced from: Anine