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Fresh Teas Are My Newest ❤️

Teas made with fresh herbs, spices and fruit. Warming, tasty, comforting, gentle.  They are also effective packed with health benefits,  quick and easy to make, with endless combinations –What more could you want?

Below are 2 of my recipes, give them a try or use them as inspiration to create your own.✌🏽

4 cups water  and organic ingredients are  used for all the recipes and teas are brought to a boil, covered and heat turned off, leave on burner and let stand for 15-20 mins, strain and serve. Teas can be chilled as well great  summer time drink.

Cranberry Flush

5 slices of fresh  ginger root

3-4 slices of fresh  turmeric root

handful of fresh o cranberries

speck of  black pepper (optional)

2 crushed cloves


Spicy Zest

6 slices of  fresh ginger root slices

3-4 slices of  fresh turmeric root slices

1/2 lemon slices squeezed and left in pot

speck of black pepper

Local honey to taste


Benefits of ingredients of Teas:


Improves blood circulation, Improves nutrient absorption, Prevents colds and influenza, Improves digestion, Strengthens the system, Combats Inflammation, fat burner


Bioactive Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties, Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compound, Dramatically Increases The Antioxidant Capacity of The Body, Turmeric Boosts Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Linked to Improved Brain Function and a Lower Risk of Brain Diseases,  Studies Show That Turmeric Has Incredible Benefits Against Depression


Prevents and Treats Urinary Tract Infections, Decreases Inflammation,    ImprovesImmune, Benefits The Digestive Tract, The antioxidant benefits of cranberries were associated with decreased risk of various markers of heart disease, including high blood pressure


Treats Indigestion, Lemon juice assists in relieving respiratory problems and breathing problems, Promotes Weight Loss, Helps control high blood pressure, Lemon is an excellent fruit that fights against problems related to throat infections, due to its well-known antibacterial properties


Cloves offer many health benefits, some of which include aid in digestion, fighting against cancer, protecting the liver, boosting the immune system, controlling diabetes, preserving bone quality, and containing anti-mutagenic and anti-microbial properties, as well as fighting against oral diseases and headaches, while also displaying aphrodisiac properties.

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You Are A Miracle

“You deserve nothing but blessings.”

Believe in the possibility of miracles and be open to the blessings that are now on their way. Miracles are love in action.

YOU are a miracle, as is Life itself.

Wake up to the loving, magical and abundant nature of reality and allow the universe and your Higher Self to bestow all the love, support and blessings they ever wish to in countless ways. Open to RECEIVE and know blessings are on their way. Feel your desire, joy and enthusiasm for your wishes and dreams and write down some things you would like to manifest and send out those requests to the universe!

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The Way We Move, Is The Way We Live Life

In Cuba there is an accentuated sexy and sensual walk they call  – llamar la atencion – calling for attention. This kind of a walk is made of;

 Elegancia ~ elegance

Intencion~ intention

Cadencia ~ cadence

Sabrosura ~ sensuality

Picardia ~ naughtiness.

These are five important elements that form a classic attraction that’s not cheap.

‘Soy yo‘ – this is me. It’s this kind of a look that releases healthy pride full of confidence;

Here I am present in all of my glory, but with inviting warmth, and no arrogance.

The Way We Move, Is The Way                   We Live Life

Our body language communicates a lot louder than we are really aware of. When we let our thoughts express through our body language, we form a new reality of communication and dialogue, for better and for worse׼ This is true in our personal and professional lives. It’s important to be aware of the power that’s in our hands.

The body is a mirror into our soul, at any given moment it reveals what we feel. When we are stressed the body becomes stiff. When we are in love it softens. The chest always holds a lot of emotional stuff. Delicate hand gestures can tell us a lot about the person’s ability to experience and show vulnerability. Every part and every movement tells us something about what is happening within us and in relation to our environment. Our body’s reaction to another tells us a lot about our mutual relationship and allows us to understand what we feel.  It allows us to create greater awareness and a deeper connection.


It seems that such looks that make a woman feel like she is a princess, have almost disappeared from today’s judgmental world. As well as vulnerable and pleasant looks from women. Advertising pushes us to focus on the vain and to feel as if our bodies are not attractive enough the way they are. We are too busy with what is missing and imperfect rather than focusing on making the other feel uniquely gorgeous. And we do not cease to communicate it. We have made the world a much more aggressive place, a world in which we do not feel safe enough to open up and be vulnerable. We have lost touch with some very important things, things that in fact affect immediately our inner happiness. Happiness is actually a lot simpler than it seems to us.


To go back 60 years is impossible and unnecessary.  The trick is to bring back the elements that we’ve lost that are crucial to our daily happiness. The very elements that without them something is missing, but when they are there life is richer. And it’s possible!  Cuba teaches, when there is no material at all, what is left is internal – self-love, belonging to the community, connection to the family and solidarity.

Sourced from Liza Chen

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Find The Blessings

“Be curious about why you meet/bump into/encounter someone at the time/period you do, and what exchange of gifts/meaning/messages come through.”
Everyone you meet, every encounter, can have meaning and significance and exchanges on many levels. Each can bring gifts into your life, sometimes more obvious, sometimes more disguised. Those gifts may be a quality or energy, an opportunity, lesson, insight, understanding, and so on.

Challenging encounters can help you learn more about yourself, as well as how to forgive, have compassion, discover shadows, love yourself more, strengthen boundaries, realize what you do and don’t want, and so on.

Find the ‘blessings’ in the people you meet, and be open and grateful for any gifts that come with them, weather received or given. You only need to look & listen, ‘blessings’ are Always around.


Sourced from: Anine

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What is Candle Gazing Meditation?

It’s secret lies in that you gaze at an object that captures your attention. Perhaps you have had the experience of being totally absorbed , taken out side your self as it were by a magnificent sunset or a full moon, stopped and held in the moment by something of exquisite beauty and in a that moment you enter the timeless, catching a glimpse of eternity.This Candle Gazing technique if practiced regularly can hone and develop your concentration to the ‘enth’ degree.As it brings the mind to a place of stillness,distractions dissolve away, mind becomes focused on the flame. The candle gazing Meditation also improves memory bringing the mind to supreme awareness.

The practice of candle gazing has a number of amazing benefits, including opening up your 3rd eye (pineal gland), improved eyesight, focus, concentration and much more!

This simple technique is an excellent introduction to the Art and science of meditation. People of all ages and stress levels can immediately feel the benefits. Students can use this before studying to improve their concentration.


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Are you seeking a deeper connection with your partner — one based on true, heartfelt intimacy?

Do you struggle to create a relationship that honors ALL of who you both are, even the most intimate,

vulnerable dimensions of yourselves?

Or, are you single and looking for soulful, lasting love, yet constantly confronted with dehumanizing

dating websites and disheartened by cultural conditioning that makes you feel you’re not young, thin,

sexy or confident enough to find it?

If you relate to either of the above, you’re not alone.

So much of the advice we’re given about romantic love boils down to gimmicks and games. Finding and

cultivating true love is one of the greatest missions of our lives — but for so many of us, lasting, soul-filling

love can feel almost impossible to attain.

Why is that so?

Ken Page, LCSW, acclaimed author of the bestselling book, Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of

Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy, has a game-changing answer:

You’ve been handed the wrong map to love!

The true key to finding (and deepening) soulmate love has almost nothing to do with your looks, age or level

of success. Nor is it about becoming “irresistible,” learning the skills of seduction, or repairing your flaws in

order to become more attractive to your mate.

Finding (and deepening) soulmate love comes from discovering and

celebrating your most authentic self .

You can find your authentic self in the places where life touches you most deeply — whether in joy or in pain.

You are as unique as your fingerprints. And they come from the most surprising place of all — your


When you embrace your authenticity you’re connected to the very source of love within yourself,

because your authenticity is one of the deepest, most defining part of your being. When you discover  and

learn to honor your unique magic, your life will begin to transform.

You’ll come to understand your romantic history in an entirely new way, and you’ll see how these new insights

can lead you to the kind of love you’ve been seeking. This new perspective is  not  just the path to romantic

happiness, it’s the path to a life that’s rich with love in all its manifestations — including self-love.

In relationship, when we try to hide these pieces of ourselves, passion diminishes —

our love loses its genius and magic.

Yet, as we begin to embrace our  true selves and teach our partner the language of our truths, we become more

spontaneous, affectionate and alive! AND we start to recognize and discover  our partner ‘s truths as well —

and can more readily appreciate them and express this.

When you can embrace these sacred, but often challenging

parts of yourself, your romantic life begins to change in ways you

can’t even imagine.


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Listen UP MEN: When You Ignore Her, You Teach Her To Live Without You


If you want a woman to want you, you’ve got to play hard to get. You’ve got to treat her like dirt, and always keep her wanting more.

Although this advice has likely existed ever since dating itself has, for the good of the universe, don’t listen to it—you’ll be far better off doing the exact opposite!

Give it all some thought. Some close, meaningful thought.

If you genuinely care about a woman, then why would you ignore her? There is also age-old advice floating around out there that warns against being “too forward,” or “too direct”: but if you really think about it, why wouldn’t you be honest about your true feelings and intentions? You may be too shy or you may be too scared, but we all know that the truth will come out eventually. And one old saying that is correct is “the truth shall set you free” (at least more often than not).

The main point is that ultimately the truth will come out, and it’s almost always more efficient and effective for everyone involved if all truths are known from the start. You may be able to grow closer to your partner as the relationship carries on, but you will inevitably grow far closer by growing together, with genuine honesty and trust from day one.

More specifically, put your cellphone away when you are with her: she will be far less tempted to take hers out, and far more likely to reciprocate your respect and attention. Instead of texting or web browsing to fill moments of awkwardness, speak to the woman you are with—even about the feeling of awkwardness—and these universal emotions that both of you are probably experiencing will dissipate, rather than expand.

If a woman does not feel as though you are “present,” she will not feel the need to remain in your presence. Why not find out if another man is better at living in reality? Or, why not live in reality alone and not have to worry about the barely noticeable distraction which is you?

Again, give it all some close, meaningful thought.


This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here:

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The ‘Sabrosura’

The sabrosura is the sensuality that’s in all of us, that’s innate, in men and women alike. For women it is about experiencing their full feminine energy and power.  When the sabrosura gets released in the body, we feel a natural high that produces simple moments of joy, affecting the quality of our lives. We feel it naturally when we soften up, when we flirt, when we feel good about ourselves, when we do something wonderful for another, when we care or love, and more. In today’s modern world our lifestyle tends to kill the natural sabrosura preventing it from releasing, due to the daily stress and the pace of life.

The sabrosura helps us exude something warm and welcoming, making us more open and approachable. It helps us improve relationships, making them stronger and more meaningful. It allows us to diffuse conflict and to soften aggressive energies and behaviours. It relates to warmth, sensuality, softness, trust and positivity. It helps develop compassion and empathy. It is the “It factor.”


Sourced from Chen Liza

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Solar Eclipse ~ Monday August 21, 2017 is at 29° Leo ~ CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING

By now you’ve probably heard about the major August 21 total solar eclipse at the Leo new moon. You know, the first one to be visible in North America since 1991? The one with sold-out viewing parties and all-night dance festivals and $2,000-plus per night Airbnbs in the Oregon Outback? No joke, kids, it’s going to be an event.

For a brief window of time this August 21, those savvy enough to have reserved a campsite will see the Moon basically block out the Sun. Before this, the heavens will also deliver a lunar (full moon) eclipse on August 7. Alas, that one arrives at 2:10 p.m. EDT, so not so much a spectacle to behold in the skies.

Astrologically speaking, we’ll feel the impact of both of these eclipses—no goggles required. These lunar events, which always take place during a new moon (solar eclipse) or a full moon (lunar eclipse) shake up the status quo and reveal things that are obscured from our view.

What’s an eclipse, exactly?

In astrology, the moon represents the feminine archetype of the mother. It also governs what we as humans need to feel safe and comfortable; it is the astro-arbiter of our emotions. (For some stunning self-revelations, we suggest running a natal chart to look up your moon sign and discover your emotional blueprint.)

The Sun, on the other hand, is classically associated with the masculine realm and the father. It also rules the ego (it’s the center of the solar system that everything revolves around, after all). In a birth chart, the Sun reveals the sources from which we draw our power and energy.

At a lunar eclipse, Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon, casting a shadow on the full moon. During a solar eclipse, the moon is exactly in front of the Sun, throwing shade on el Sol.

Feminine (Moon) versus masculine (Sun): How eclipses rebalance power.

At 2:30 p.m. EDT on August 21, the feminine Moon will block out the patriarchal Sun, like, “Nevertheless she persisted!” In a year that will no doubt be immortalized as The Patriarchy Gone Wild, this is insanely significant. Could it be another prompt from the cosmos for the divine feminine to rise? (Like a Women’s March on the solar system, if you will.)

Leo and Aquarius eclipses: Ego versus unity.

We also have to consider the zodiac signs that the eclipses fall in. From February 2017 until January 2019, these lunar events will fall on the Aquarius-Leo axis, illuminating the tug o’ war between these two opposing signs.

Leo rules the ego and the urge to express ourselves—”I have arrived!” On the other side, communal Aquarius is the sign of groups and teamwork. Balancing self-serving agendas with the needs of the masses will be a huge theme for 2017 and 2018.

The Aquarius Lunar Eclipse: Power to the people?

The lunar (full moon) eclipse on August 7 falls in “power to the people” Aquarius, a community-minded energy that can be radically progressive or straight-up populist, depending on how it’s used.

This eclipse could mobilize the masses and potentially deepen the divide that’s already been cleaved between left and right. Or it could also serve as a unifying wake-up call, reminding the humans of Planet Earth that we need to band together for survival’s sake, especially given the alarming realities of climate change.

Aquarius governs technology, the internet, and science. Will this full moon’s beams expose the cybercriminals behind the election hacking and Russia scandals?

Be sure to protect all your sensitive data—and maybe switch up your personal server to a VPN (virtual private network) to keep your web browsing and preferences away from hackers and data miners.

New developments could spring forth in the areas of renewable energy and space travel. Elon Musk just announced that his SpaceX program will send its rocket Falcon Heavy on its first flight this November. Anyone wanna bid on a condo on Mars?

The August 21 Leo Solar eclipse: A call for leadership, airing emotions.

The solar (new moon) eclipse on August 21 arrives in Leo, the sign of glamour and the gilded royal. In 2017, we’ve seen the many ways the power corrupts as authoritarian leaders rise to prominence around the globe.

We’re also seeing a new breed of conscious leaders step forward to shift the tide. And given the feminine moon’s very visible appearance, this eclipse could be the wake-up call for women to step into leadership roles or for governments to adopt legislation that protects and serves the female population.

Deeply Freudian and buried feelings will be on blast during these eclipses, especially the total solar eclipse on the 21st since the moon will be on parade. Did you even have a clue you were upset about that situation? Nope. But eclipses have a funny way of ripping up the rugs where we’ve buried our pain.

During the lunar eclipse on the 7th, we can lean in to Aquarius’ high-minded cool: What is the cosmic lesson in the pain? Doesn’t everything happen for a reason? It’s all karmic growth!

The Leo eclipse on the 21st will be a bit less enlightened. A primal scream—or a karaoke marathon—could be better therapy than reflective journaling or meditation.

What your sign needs to balance during August’s eclipses:

Aries: Keeping your maverick spirit alive while still being a team player.

Taurus: Pursuing major goals without losing heart and soul.

Gemini: Speaking your truth without drowning out other perspectives.

Cancer: Keeping things straightforward and simple instead of getting lost in the complex weeds.

Leo: Curbing people-pleasing and looking for win-wins instead.

Virgo: Becoming curious about people who think differently instead of judging them.

Libra: Standing your ground in the face of groupthink.

Scorpio: Learning to be competitive AND compassionate—love thy “enemies.”

Sagittarius: Learning to enjoy the process instead of fixating on the grand goal.

Capricorn: Exploring the shadows instead of judging by the surface.

Aquarius: Remaining grounded in your own life, even while in relationship.

Pisces: Trusting your intuition instead of giving the wrong people “one more chance.”


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