Hello To All!

Hoping this reaches y’all keeping positive, healthy and open minded. It’s been a while since my last Newsletter; and sadly this will be the last one.

I’ve had to update my website and change hosting providers and there is no way to transfer my blog to the new site.  Sometimes technology is so frustrating or more exact it is the companies that make these products to not be compatible with each other that is the culprit of my dismay.

On a positive note, I have a new website! As of yet I’ve not completely figured out how I will proceed with the email Newsletters with the new site.  There is a component with this site where I can create posts, however not sure how I’ll let my community know when there are new posts.

Anyway in this last Newsletter I wanted to give BIG Love to my Music Family and share with you some of the BEST Musical Artists EVER! Y’all know how passionate I am about music and have had access to musicians that are of the highest quality.

In this post I’ll link to some of their music in hopes you’ll check them out and even better purchase some of their music.  They NEED your support!

If you are interested in checking them out please copy the post for future enjoyment as I have a time limit on how long the Blog will remain up.  I won’t be able to link to all of  them in this post, I will however continue on with the list on the new site.  That’s when I figure it all out. 😊

Each and every one of the musicians and vocalists I list I personally know and appreciate their musical talent.  Most are high level professionals, a few are up and coming, wherever they are at on their journey their gift is apparent. 

As I research cyberspace to find links to share with you, I’m remembering the awesomeness of many of these events and just how FAB these musical artists are.  I truly hope that you find some pleasure going thru.  Hope to connect with you soon

One ❤️ joi ✌🏾

Presently the link to the site is:


Next week it will be:


Take a look give me some feed back.