Without a doubt.

I’ve been extremely blessed to have found my way into the hub of the Best Musical Artists the bay or world for that matter, has to offer.

To My Music Family,

You’ve enriched my life, taught me music appreciation (to the point of snobby 😋) and showed me what dedication and passion look like.  I have the upmost RESPECT for all that you do to give us what you do. I cannot fully express how my life now has a large void in it, though I’m sure you can relate to this feeling, as music is your life.

Live music has fed my soul and allowed my spirit to dance from the love you poured out from stage. You created a space where all people could unite in the love of music. A place for all people –Yes I’d say Musicians are Essential!

I’m grateful for the music that many of you have produced enabling me to get some of that good stuff whenever I need it.  Ash, Levi, Derick, Kj, David, Dyson, Vic, Ricardo and Carlos to name a few, the time, dedication and effort you put in is keeping me feeling the love.

I appreciate how many of you are taking to cyberspace with your music. I’m keeping the light that one day we will again be able to bask in the LOVE Vibrations All Together as you share your gifts with us from the stage. And if we have to go underground, I’ll say it Speakeasy – I’m All In! The Music Must Go On!!!

You’ve filled me with so many memories of Good times with people feeling the Love. A heartfelt Thank You! To my Music Family for all that you’ve given with your musical gifts. Blessings. I’ve created the following to share with my community so that hopefully they can explore, enjoy and perhaps show support.  I’ll continue adding links in the next post  Peace.

BTW– After I uploaded this to blog many links did not convert….I can’t go back, sorry I did my best and have this time line. I’ll also post to FB hopefully links will all transfer.


Ashling Cole     

Derick Hughes    

Will Russ Jr      

oMega Rae       

Martian Luther


Zoe Ellis            

Sakai Smith      

Destani Wolf    

Gene Barnes Jr.

Cienna Powers


Joli Powers       

Sage Waters

Anitra Lewis

Derek Clark


Levi Seacer Jr               

David Council                          

Victoria Theodore                               

Kymberly  ‘Kj” Jackson

Jimmy McKinney

Wilton Rabb                      &video_source=user_video_tab


Brian Braziel on Drum Talk TV!

Here's Brian Braziel who had just sound checked with Dr. John at the NAMM Show 2016 Main Stage with host Dan Shinder. Brian has excellent advice for drummers on how to keep the right gig. Brain has great advice as well for drummers transitioning from a life of playing in house of worship, and how to adapt to what artists expect in the professional music scene from a drummer.Watch for details on when and where all our interviews will happen at the NAMM Show so you can join us there Live if you are going, or watch live here on our Facebook page!

Posted by Drum Talk TV on Monday, January 16, 2017

Ricardo Scales        

Carlos Reyes    

Janice Maxie Reed       

Uriah Duffy

Aaron Green

Michael Tiny Lindsey  

Ric Alexander              

Rodney Franklin          

Lynette Williams

Darryl Anders  

Mark Daniels               

Michael Seacer            

Tony ‘2times’ Provdence

Ron E Beck       

Rustee Allen                 

Aaron Baugh

Ted ‘Blyss’ Gould

Morty Orkin                 

Cam Perridge                          

B’nai Rebelfront          

Morgan Day                 

Sundra Manning

Amy Levine

Vince Lars

Eamonn Flynn

Maya Kronfeld

Roy Schmall

Lloyd Gregory

Harold Day

James Henry

Bill Hampton

Alex Kamages

ZKay Fountila

Millenia Fountila

Auteria Wally Winzer Jr.

Chris Sandoval

Lindsay Ferguson

Darian Gray

Prince Damons

Kenya Baker

Angelo Luster

Jeanne Geiger

William Norwood

Bryan Dean

And My Salsa Bands oh how I miss you!


Somos El Son   


Orquesta La Original